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Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box Review (#18902) - December 2014

Okay guys, so I know I haven't posted in a LONG time, but this is a special occasion!

I finally received my Rosario Dawson Quarterly box! For those of you unfamiliar with Quarterly, they are a subscription box company that, along with their own company-curated boxes, has celebrities in all different areas (chefs, actors, fashionistas - even Bill Nye the Science Guy!) curate boxes to send to subscribers on a quarterly basis. The boxes range in price from $50 to $100 each.

This is Rosario Dawson's second box for Quarterly, and it was promised to be a whopper! Rosario put out a video a couple months back to say that there would be 31 items in this box! It was supposed to be modeled after an Advent calendar, with one gift for each day of the month of December. That said, there were many subscribers who were upset that the boxes were shipping so late (they were originally supposed to be shipped in November). I'm not sure which of the items caused the delay, but I am glad it is finally here!!

So, on the box!

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box 

Cost = $50 every 3 months

The monster box! Poor FedEx guy! :)
First of all, this box was HUGE. It was literally three feet long, and it was about a foot and a half across. It shipped SUPER quickly (I got my shipping email yesterday afternoon!) because they expedited shipping to make up for the box taking so long to be sent in the first place.

Daredevil concept art poster
Daredevil Concept Art Poster = $5 (I'm totally estimating here)

Marvel is releasing a new Daredevil TV series straight to Netflix next year, in which Rosario Dawson plays a character named Claire Temple. She included this poster of some concept art from the show, which was debuted at New York Comic-Con not too long ago. It's a pretty cool poster, and not too big. My husband has a "man cave" in our house full of his sports things and his comic book stuff - this will likely find a place there!

RENT 2015 Calendar Poster
RENT Calendar Poster = $10 (Also totally estimating - exclusive to this box)

THIS, on the other hand, I LOVE!! I am a huge RENT fan, and this calendar is awesome! It has Rosario's writing all over it, denoting special days on the calendar (including the birthdays of the original Broadway cast of RENT!). It is also autographed by Rosario! It is much larger than the Daredevil poster, so now I have to decide where to hang it!

Wooden spoon and recipe card
Wooden Spoon & Recipe for Stuffed Peppers = $0.75

One of the themes Rosario talked about in this box was eating - and these two items seem to fit that theme! A wooden spoon is a must in any kitchen, and the recipe is for stuffed peppers, which I've never made before. I'll have to give this recipe a try!

Hand-batiked mini-bag and Rorschach test postcard
Hand-batiked Mini-bag =$3 (could not find anything like this online, so I'm guessing here)

The little blue bag on the left is so cute - it is the perfect size to put a little gift into for a stocking stuffer. I think this is from Rosario's line, Studio 189, which contains pieces hand-dyed in Ghana. It is not listed on their website though, so I'm not 100% certain!

The postcard is a Rorschach test on one side, and on the other side it contains some words from Rosario on the thought of being crazy? She asks subscribers to talk about what they see in the Rorschach test, and to post it on social media with the hashtag "studio189" or "18902".

Coach Madison Leather Wristlet
Coach Madison Leather Wristlet in Black = $68

I was thrilled to see a plastic bag in the box with the Coach logo on it!! This is their Madison Leather Wristlet in black. Very versatile, with two pockets and plenty of room for anything you might need when you go out! I'm not sure if I'm going to gift this, or keep it all for myself ^_^

Honest Co. - Hand Soap and Fruit + Veggie Wash

Honest Co. Honest Hand Soap in Lemongrass (11.5 fl oz) = $4.95

Honest Co. Honest Fruit + Veggie Wash (8 fl oz) =  $6.95

Honest Co. stuff is supposed to be the best, although I don't use it very often - only when it comes to me in subscription boxes! I am very excited to try these out, though. The handsoap smells amazing!! It is also free of: phthalates, SLS, DEA, triclosan, synthetic fragrances, glycols, dyes, phosphates, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde & most common allergens.

Rosario Dawson + Chris Rock 8"x10" and Studio 189 bookmark
Included was a, 8"x10" of Rosario Dawson and Chris Rock filming their latest movie, "Top Five". One of the other perks of ordering this box was that you were automatically entered to win tickets to the premiere of this film, including a walk down the red carpet with Rosario! She posted pictures of the winner on Twitter earlier this month. I have to say that I'm a little jealous! It sounds like it would be an amazing experience.

There was also a bookmark included, depicting Studio 189's logo. I can always use more bookmarks!!

Bobble Sport Filtering Water Bottle and tree magnet
Bobble Sport Filtering Water Bottle = $11.99

Tree Magnet = $0.50

I love water bottles, but I am constantly leaving them everywhere! Now I have one at both jobs, but none at home, so this Bobble Sport bottle is perfect! It filters as you drink, so it's nice that you can really fill it up anywhere and feel okay about drinking it.

The second item pictured is a cute little magnet! My fridge is covered with magnets, so this one will get added to the collection.

Henry Lambertz 12 Kostlichkeiten Premium Cookie Collection
Kostlichkeiten Premium Cookie Collection = $12.99

These were a spoiler item for the box, and I was honestly expecting a little sample box. Nope! This is a full-sized box of German cookies. YUM. "Kostlichkeiten" means "delicacies" in German! I am eating them right this minute, and I maaaaaay have tried one of every type, and I maaaaaay not even be sorry about it!

Inside the box - the best part!! YUMMY!
A view of the contents ^_^ All the writing was in German, so I had to look up the English version of the descriptions!

Stocking Stuffer Assortment
Next came an assortment of what I would consider to be good "stocking stuffer" items. Included were:
-Under Armour Hair Ties (also a spoiler item) ($9.99)
-Honest Co. Organic Balm (travel-sized) ($4.00)
-Two hand-made walnut ornaments
-Occult Crimes Taskforce deck of playing cards (this is a comic book mini-series that Rosario Dawson co-created in 2005) ($2.00)
-Set of three juggling balls with instructions on how to juggle ($5.89)
-Set of Studio 189 cork coasters ($3.00)
-Two doses of BlowFish Hangover Remedy (apparently this stuff is awesome - you just put the tablets in water and drink up the morning after a night of drinking! They contain aspirin and caffeine) ($2.00)
-Sample packet of Pro BCAA by Optimum Nutrition in Raspberry Lemonade (this is a recovery supplement for post-workout) ($1.75)
-Some small fun items (two noisemakers, a bouncy ball that looks like a billiards ball, a rubber lump of coal (lol), a tiny voodoo doll, a mini candy cane, a few Jelly Belly jelly beans, and a chocolate coin) ($2.00)

Total for stocking stuffers = about $30

I thought this was a really cute idea - there's a little something for everyone! 

Studio 189 Totebag
Studio 189 Totebag = $250 (??)

All the "stocking stuffer" items came in this beautiful hand-batik bag. It is also in the same style as the other bags on the Studio 189 website, but it is not listed there. It has numbers all over it, corresponding to the Advent calendar theme. This bag is GIANT - I could fit everything from this box inside of it and still had plenty of room to spare!

I linked this item to the same type of bag from Studio 189's website - it looks to be about the same size. Wow - most expensive tote bag I've ever owned if that's really the price!

Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box (#18902)

My total for the items in this box = $394.13

Most of the total of this box came from the tote bag. If you subtract the tote bag from the the total, the box was still worth $144.13, which is almost three times the cost of the box, so I would say that this box was a great value! Not only that, but it had unique items that will not be found anywhere else, and it was SO fun to open! I closed my eyes and pulled each item out of the tote bag one and a time, and it was a great version of an Advent calendar :)

What did you guys think of this box? Which item did you like the most? Which item would make the best gift?

Until next time...<3

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Update on ME! (AKA: Where have I BEEN anyway?!?)

Hey everyone!

So I have to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I know you're all hungry for more box reviews, and I am excited to share them with you! I do a lot of research to make sure I'm giving you guys the best information possible, and all of that research takes time.

When I started this blog a few months ago, I didn't really know what to expect. I was excited about the idea of it - about the skeleton of an idea that would become a much bigger undertaking than I ever would have imagined! I am now even considering moving the blog to a WordPress address, because there are SO many cool options with WordPress that I don't have the opportunity to utilize on Blogger.

A little about what's going on with me right now: I am in college full-time at the moment, taking 15 credits. I am in two science classes at once (Anatomy and Chemistry - yikes!!), which I've never done before. LOTS of studying involved there. I am also working two (yes, TWO) part-time jobs as well. I work for a video rental store near my house, and I also work at a local veterinary clinic as an assistant. So - I work around 30-40 hours a week besides being in school!

ALSO: I am in the process of applying through my college to study abroad in EUROPE next semester! I am so very excited about this possibly life-altering opportunity! I would be going all over Europe - London, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna....and more! I am thrilled to be so close to such an awesome chance at world exploration. I want to see the entire world, and this is a HUGE step to accomplishing that dream!

But...this means that when I am not studying or working, I am working on my application, and running places to get papers signed, and having meetings in order to get this whole study abroad "thing" worked out!

The point of this whole rant about my life and myself is that I know it seems like I've forgotten about my little blog...but I haven't! It takes a lot of work to run a blog (which I now totally appreciate and understand!) and I am in a position where I can't really make it a top priority. As soon as my application for my study abroad is complete and I can take a breath, I will definitely be right back at this blog, showing you the amazing world of subscription boxes!!

Thank you guys, for sticking with me and for following my posts. It is pretty neat that people want to read what I write, and it really makes me feel like one of the cool kids :) You guys are awesome!!!!

Until next time.... <3

Monday, September 9, 2013

Taste Guru 50% off Coupon Code!!


I JUST got an email about this today! If you're looking into trying Taste Guru (a gluten-free subscription box - I will be reviewing it later this month!) then you're in luck, because they are offering a killer deal on their 3-month subscriptions!

Just click the following link and enter the code NEWS25 to get a 3-month gift subscription for $50!! That's a 50% savings! I just tried it, and it works perfectly.

So if you're on the fence about Taste Guru, now's the time to try it!

Until next time.... <3

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Julep Maven Box Review (& Code for FREE BOX!) - September 2013

It's time for the Julep Maven box for September, and I was SO excited to get this box! The colors for fall were amazing, and it was hard for me to pick just one box (I really had to talk myself out of getting the upgrade again this month!). But, in the end I settled on the Classic with a Twist box (which just so happens to be my "chosen" profile according to Julep's style quiz) and threw in a few add-ons as well.

Box: Julep Maven

Cost: $19.99/month

Shipping: FREE

Coupon Code for a FREE first box: FREEBOX 

Included: Two exclusive nail polish colors and one exclusive beauty product per month (there are also options to get three nail colors OR two beauty products instead).

For those not familiar with Julep Maven, it is a program that sends out a themed box every month based on a style profile quiz that each member fills out upon signing up for the program. There are five options, and they each include different polish colors monthly.

The September box theme was The Cityscape Collection. This collection is full of great bold colors for fall (you can see all the box options on my Julep September Selections post). Here is my Classic with a Twist box for September!

First View

Add on #1

I added on the sponge this month because the website raved about it being exfoliating and gentle at the same time, and I have to say that I don't think it's really all that exfoliating. It is very gentle, but when I get something expecting it to be exfoliating, I actually want it to feel like it's exfoliating. It is so gentle that I don't feel like it does the job for me. I will use it though, and the fact that it came with a suction cup to hang it in the shower is really convenient.

Beauty Product

Bare Face Cleansing Oil - Value $22.40

This cleansing oil smells great! You rub this on your face while it's dry, and then rinse with warm water. I like the idea of an oil cleanser because I have very dry skin, and it seems like this would help. I have used it once already, and I actually do like it. It isn't as moisturizing as I anticipated, but I still do like it.

New packaging!
I personally don't see what was wrong with the old packaging, but Julep decided to pack their polishes differently in the latest shipment. They do look very classy!

Classic with a Twist polishes

Julep Nail Polish in Florence - Value $11.20

Julep Nail Polish in Padma - Value $11.20

I like Florence because it is a good neutral polish that can go well with a lot of other colors, and will be a good base for lighter colors. Padma is a beautiful shade of very dark, jewel-like purple. I wore it on my fingernails the other day, and my husband said it reminded him of evil villains from Disney movies! Ha! I think it will be a color best suited for my toes though. See the swatches below for more detail on these two colors:

Add ons #2 and #3

Julep Nail Polish in Catrina - Value $11.20

Julep Nail Polish in Reece - Value $11.20

I LOVE this creamy shade of yellow for fall! It is from the It Girl collection from this month. It is so beautiful, and wonderfully opaque, which I really appreciate in a yellow polish. Reece is a gorgeous holographic purple and green microglitter, and it is actually a lot lighter on than it looks in the bottle. See the swatches below...

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but I did have a little issue with the Reece polish because the lid was not on all the way. I opened up the bottle, and the plastic piece that holds the brush to the lid was bent. As a result, the polish was slightly dried out. So I called Julep, and they were extremely helpful - all I had to do was send in a picture of the damaged bottle, and now they are sending me a replacement bottle! A+ for customer service! 


I think Julep polishes are great - they cover well, and you don't need to apply three coats to get good color. They also have some really cool themes for their colors and great beauty products! September's box is a total win for me!

What do you think of Julep's September Maven box? Don't forget that you can take the style quiz and get a FREE box from Julep using the code FREEBOX!!

Until next time.... <3

Sunday, August 25, 2013

September 2013 Julep Maven Selection Time!!

It's time for Julep Mavens to choose their September boxes!!

This month's theme is Think Big: Inspired by Bright Lights and Bold Dreams, AKA The Cityscape Collection. I love the bright, bold pops of color this month, and I think they are perfect for fall.

Here are the box choices for September:

Modern Beauty Set


-Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer
-Bare Face Cleansing Oil

These products look awesome - I am so excited to try out the Bare Face Cleansing Oil! They recommend using the Konjac Sponge in conjunction with the cleanser, so I selected it as an add-on. All of you out there with oily skin should check out this before-and-after picture of the face primer! 

It looks like it would be really effective!! I do not have oily skin, so I am okay not getting this product in my box. In order to get this product, you can get the Modern Beauty box, upgrade to the entire collection, or select it as an add-on.

Boho Glam Set


-Tatiana (Golden Burnt Orange Microglitter)

-Kristy (Midnight Blue Creme)

-Bare Face Cleansing Oil

I love this orange, but unfortunately orange just doesn't work for me! I also love the blue, but my fingers look funky with super dark polish on, and I'm worried it might look black. So Boho Glam wasn't for me this month!

-Karmen (Golden crimson microglitter)

-Daria (Dark slate gray creme)

-Bare Face Cleansing Oil

I love glittery polish, but Karmen is another one of those colors that just doesn't work for me! I love to look at it, but I don't think it would translate as well on my nails. I also have a lot of gray polish to go through, so I don't need to add anymore to my collection just now. These are a nice combo though - the gray is a great base, and the crimson would accent it well.

Classic Twist Set

-Padma (Royal plum creme)

-Florence (Classic camel creme)

-Bare Face Cleansing Oil

This is the set I ultimately chose, although it was a struggle for me! I love this purple, but I have doubts about such a dark polish on my fingers. I love Florence, and I will probably get a lot of use out of it. I'm also very excited to try this cleanser!!

It Girl Set 

-Catrina (Marigold yellow creme)
-Candace (Golden chocolate microglitter)
-Josephine (Deep teal gray creme)


This box is the reason I struggled to choose Classic with a Twist. I LOVE that yellow and that teal!!! I think they are beautiful, and I do not have anything like them right now. interest in the face cleanser got me in the end. I did, however, like Catrina so much that I chose it as an add-on for my box! I LOVE that about Julep - you have so many options!

get the entire collection 

Of course, if you have a difficult time deciding which box to choose, just choose them all!! I upgraded in July, so I decided to hold off this time. It is $35 to upgrade (in addition to the normal $19.95 rate for the box), and you get over $180 worth of product! I'm so glad I did it for July's box ^_^

I did do a few add-ons this month as well (part of that "all those choices" thing I mentioned earlier!), including Reese, which is an amazing holographic purple microglitter polish that has a hint of green in it - it looks beautiful!

Add on feature
Add on Reese for $4.99

I also chose to add on the Konjac Sponge for the Bare Face Cleansing Oil because I love a good exfoliation, and this one is portrayed on Julep's website as being all-natural and gentle. It also comes with a hook and suction-cup set so it can hang in your shower!

Add on feature
Add on the Konjac Sponge for $7.99

What do you think of September's Julep Maven box? Will you order one?

The code for the free Julep intro box is still available: type FREEBOX in at checkout and pay only shipping for your first box! Then you can get in on the monthly selections like this one!

Until next time.... <3

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stunner of the Month Review - August 2013

Stunner of the Month (or "StunMo", for those who want to feel extra cool!) is a subscription that sends out one new pair of sunglasses to its subscribers every month. You can choose whether you want Women's, Men's, or Unisex varieties of sunglasses. StunMo was cool enough to send me a pair of their shades to review!

Cost: $9/month

Shipping: FREE!

This is what it looked like when I first opened the box:

Taped to the top of the box is this awesome little eyeglass tool key chain, which Stunner of the Month generously gives to all their first-time subscribers. The two mini screwdrivers are concealed in each end of the tool, and are covered by small metal caps that come unscrewed. This is what it looks like up close:

Handy Dandy Tool!!

Every box also comes with a card that tells you the name of the style of sunglasses you've received, along with a description of sorts about the glasses and which collection they are from. There are also different "levels" of shades you can receive - I couldn't really find anything about the different levels on the website, but the ones I received (which are Unisex) are on the Mezzanine level apparently : o P

Description card for my "Guidos" shades
The sunglasses come in this bag, which would be good for keeping them dust-free when they aren't being worn. It also has a drawstring, so could be used for other things too!

These are the glasses!! The details along the nose-piece and also along each side are gold-colored. They are actually pretty rad, if I do say so myself!

The Guidos!

I have to admit, even with a name like "The Guidos", they are pretty sweet shades.  I love them, and my husband looks good in them too! He wore them all day yesterday. They really fit the Unisex category, which is awesome!

Rockin' dem shades.

What up.
Overall, I have to say that I LOVE this subscription!! It is SO inexpensive (costs less than two trips to Starbucks!) and I am infamous for constantly losing my sunglasses. StunMo is the perfect solution. I even wear shades through the winter here in Wisconsin (because the glare off the snow is ridiculous...and painful), so this will be a great subscription year-round! I will definitely be continuing my subscription!

What do you think of Stunner of the Month? What do you think of the shades I got?

Until next time.... <3