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Healthy Surprise Box Review - July 2013

Healthy Surprise is a subscription box that sends natural, vegan, gluten-free and soy-free snacks to your home. They send a variety of items, and they have three different sized boxes so you can get snacks just for you, or for your entire family!

The three sizes options are:

Starter Box (16-20 servings) - $33/month
Healthy Box (32-40 servings) - $66/month
Large Box (48-60 servings) - $99/month

(Shipping is an additional $6 per box. If you order more than one month at a time, you get a discount.)

So what do you get in a Healthy Surprise box? Well - check out my unboxing video to find out! (**Healthy Surprise offered to send me the Starter Box for review purposes - all opinions are my own**)

Here is the breakdown of the items in this month's Healthy Surprise box:

Matt's Munchies Premium Fruit Snack in Mango Acai - Value $2

This was delicious - it was kind of reminiscent of a fruit roll-up and tasted sweet but not overwhelmingly so. I would love to try their other flavors as well!

Sprouties Pumpkin Seeds 2oz - Value $1.98

These were...interesting. I did end up bringing them to work with me, and had some of the girls there try them too. They were described as "a mix between pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds", which I found to be pretty accurate. They are raw, which gives them a different texture than I am used to when eating pumpkin seeds. They also taste slightly green - if that makes sense. I don't know that they are my favorite plain, but they might be better on salad or with other foods.

Happy Hemp Toasted Hemp Seeds 2oz - Value $6

This stuff has more protein per serving than meat, fish, or tofu! You can add it to salads, granola, and cereals to give it a little crunch and some extra protein. I did NOT like these on their own - they had a very grassy flavor that I did not care for. But on a salad - YUM! I liked them a lot! And they are super healthy, so I feel good about adding them to things : )

Righteously Raw Chocolates Squares (Dark, Spice, and Mint) - Value $3.75

These were not what I was expecting, and I really didn't care for these. They are low on the glycemic index, so they have very little sweetener and they are VERY dark. They are between 80-83% raw cacao, and that's a LOT! Plus, the Synergy Spice flavor wasn't nutmeg and cinnamon spice - it actually packed some spicy heat!! I do not like spicy food, so that was an unpleasant surprise >_< Overall, probaby my least favorite items in the box.

Peter Rabbit Organics Pear and Pea Veg/Fruit Puree 4.4oz - Value $1.85

This is a portable pouch that is easy to give to small children when you are on the go. It is resealable, which is very convenient! The only ingredients are organic pear puree, organic pea puree and organic lemon juice concentrate (for freshness) - no added sugar or salt! And it is very tasty - just enough pear to make the pea almost indistinguishable! I would definitely give this to my kids (if I had any!).

MacroLife Naturals Miracle Reds Berri Berri Bar - Value $2.99

This bar was SO yummy - it was a little chewier than I was expecting, but it had a great fruit flavor. Every bar is 100% raw and natural ingredients, and this bar contains probiotics as well! A true superfood - I will almost definitely order more, especially since I got a coupon with this bar!

Oskri Dates Walnuts Bar - Value $1.25

This is one item that I haven't tried yet, but I think I'll like it. Dates have a natural sweetness to them, and I love walnuts. There is also crispy rice in this bar, which sounds awesome! These are dairy-free, vegetarian and gluten-free, so they will fit a lot of lifestyles.

Sesame-Mango Rawma Bar - Value $1.80

This bar is raw, sprouted and gluten-free. Also, a portion of the profits from the bars go to support cow protection! How sweet is that? The texture of this bar was a little too much for me, although the flavor was good. It was a little sweet, but it had a lot of the sesame flavor too. I am still on the fence about this one - maybe I have to try some other flavors to see if they are really for me!

SeaSnax Seaweed Snacks (Chipotle and Original) - Value $3

The tagline for these snacks is "It's Strangely Addictive!" - I'm not so sure that this applies to me, but it certainly applies to my husband! He tried the Chipotle flavor for me because I don't like spicy food, and after his first bite, he was in love! He also finished off my Original flavored SeaSnax. They are basically very thin, dried, crunchy sheets of seaweed. I have a feeling people either love it or hate it, and I am not on the side that loves it!

California Snax Kale Italiano Pizza Flavored Kale Chips - Value $4?

I could not find these ANYWHERE - so I'm totally guessing at the value. It's a decently sized bag, and this kind of snack is hard to come by! They smell amazing - just like pizza! It has a lot of different herbs and spices, and also has a "cheese" coating on it, which consists of almond and sunflower seed paste, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar (I think - according to the ingredient list?). They are crunchy and delicious, and I was not expecting to like these, but I do!!

TOTAL VALUE: about $28.62

Overall: I liked Healthy Surprise. I liked the variety of treats that were included. There were some things that I just did not care for, but you have to expect that when it comes to a box full of things you've never tried before! If I had paid for this box, I would have been disappointed with the cost versus the value (there was a $21 deficit!). I don't know if I will continue to subscribe, simply because this is one of the pricier subscription boxes I've come across, and I don't know if it will fit into the budget!

What do you think of July's Healthy Surprise box? Will you try it out?

Until next time.... <3

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sent Her Way - July 2013 (**GIVEAWAY**)

Sent Her Way is a subscription box company that allows women to get exactly the kind of supplies they need for their visit from "Aunt Flo" without going to the store every month. This service is super convenient, because no one wants to end up in Walgreen's at 11:30pm on a Sunday night asking the only employee working (who always seems to be a man) where the feminine care aisle is located!

Sent Her Way allows you to choose either a box of 20 or 40 tampons (they have Tampax pearl or cardboard, O.B., Playtex scented or unscented, and Kotex) and will discreetly send them to your home. You choose the size combination as well as the brand you like. Sent Her Way generously offered to send me a box for review, as well as a box to give away to one of my readers!

Sent Her Way boxes range (based on the type of tampon you want) from $6.97 to $8.63/month for a customized 20 count box (with free shipping). If you would like a 40 count box, you add between $7.04 and $7.75 to the 20 count box price. Again, it depends on the type of tampons you would like. Shipping for the 40 count box is still free!

The packaging is very neat, and no one will know what you've ordered just by looking at the box:

There is a box inside of the cardboard shipping box, which looks like this:

They also mark on the interior box which tampons have been included ^^^^

This is everything they included in my sample box (which is an assortment of Tampax cardboard sizes).

Overall: I like the idea of not having to run to the store to get supplies, and you get the option with Sent Her Way to have tampons shipped every 30, 60, or 90 days - so you never have more than you need. You can always change your order frequency as well. This subscription is all about convenience, and it totally delivers!

The folks at Sent Her Way have also decided to give away one custom box of 20 tampons to one of my readers! They will send you any type you like - you just have to enter to win! Good luck!

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Until next time.... <3

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hungry Globetrotter Heat Seekers Hot Sauce of the Month Review

Hungry Globetrotter has multiple monthly subscription options, including the Hot Sauce of the Month.

This service is just what it sounds like - every month, Hungry Globetrotter hand-picks a small batch hot sauce to send out for its members to try. The folks at Hungry Globetrotter were kind enough to send me a sample shipment to review.

This subscription is $14.95/month, and shipping is included. It is a month-to-month subscription, and can be cancelled at any time.

The box was pretty unassuming, and came surprisingly quickly!

I opened up the box, and this is what I saw:

It did also have some padding around it to protect it while being shipped.

This month, the sauce is Bandar Spicy Mango Chili Sauce - Value $3.99

There is a card inside the box that tells you about the hot sauce and why it was chosen. The Bandar company (pronounced bun-dar, it means "monkey" in Hindi) started from a Kickstart campaign in 2012, and in addition to their Mango flavor, they also make a Mint Cilantro chili sauce.

I personally don't like spicy food, but my husband LOVES it, and gladly tried out this hot sauce for me : ) He took one taste, and has been putting it on everything he can since then. He likes that it really has a good kick to it, but still has a good flavor. I did try a tiny bit, and it does have quite a bite to it, but at the same time it is a little bit sweet while not being overpoweringly sugary.

I don't know that I would pay $14.95/month to keep getting this subscription just based on the value of the item versus the cost of the box, but I do like the idea of curated hot sauce (and so does my hubby!). It is cool to discover new brands, and to have them delivered to you. So it would be worth it in that sense!

What do you think of the Heat Seeker's club? Would you try it out?

Until next time.... <3

Christmas in July Promo from Dottiebox!!

If you liked my Dottiebox review for June, now is your chance to check out Dottiebox for yourself!

Until this Friday only (or until supplies run out) Dottiebox is doing a Christmas in July promo, and is selling a mystery box containing items from past boxes for HALF PRICE! They hardly ever have sales, so this is a great opportunity.

Each box is $10 (plus $6 shipping) and you can buy as many as you like. Each box is guaranteed to have at least 5 items in it, and many will have more. Items from July's box will not be included, but anything else is fair game. You can also request specific items (add them in the Comments section on the checkout screen) if you really loved something from a past box.

I love Dottiebox, and I already ordered my mystery box! If you want one, you have to hurry - they will run out quickly!

Tell them you discovered them because of My Other Monthly : )

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


**Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I was on vacation for a little bit ^_^ I was getting a little overwhelmed with my jobs, school, and the blog, so I needed to regroup. But I am back, and you better believe that I have some awesome July boxes lined up for you!!**

There is a new subscription box in town that is designed to fit every taste, whether you like sweets, health food, or just throwing some meat on the grill! It's called Taste Trunk, and it comes in four varieties (for now - they plan on adding more options!):

The Sweet Trunk - "Designed to satisfy your sweet tooth"

The Gourmet Trunk - "features new items...from the best gourmet lifestyle brands"

The Health Trunk - "Healthy living, made easy"

The BBQ Trunk - "Discover a new world of BBQ"

Each trunk comes with 5-10 items per month, and also includes discount codes and recipe ideas. The cards included with this box are so detailed, and they really give you a good background on the companies that provided items for the boxes - see the pictures down below!!

I chose the Health Trunk, because I like having a variety of healthier snacks to choose from, but there are SO MANY different choices out there that it can be overwhelming! So I like having the subscription boxes to introduce me to new brands. It was super tempting to choose the Sweet Trunk, but I'm glad I resisted, because this box was AWESOME ^_^

The boxes all cost $29/month, with shipping included.

Very classy box - this was shipped inside of another box.

Detail on the box - so pretty!!
First look inside the box. I love how organized it is!
SO MANY CARDS! I love them! Each one describes a different product in the box, and some have recipes or coupon codes on them. One of the cards describes Taste Trunk and the idea behind their boxes.

Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood Oat-based Cereal (Coconut Maple Vanilla and Goji-Cacao) - Value $8.40

This cereal is SO GOOD. All you need is water - they even include a folding spoon in each container! So far I've tried the Coconut Maple Vanilla, and it was kind of like a mix between oatmeal and cereal. It was so good, and super convenient for on-the-go. These are also gluten-free, and contain no soy, dairy, additives, preservatives, or refined sugar! I really want to buy more of these!

Teatulia Organic White Tea Bags (FULL SIZE!) - Value $8.49

I'm not a huuuuge fan of tea, but I'm willing to give this a try. There are 16 individual teabags in this canister, but you can use each bag TWICE, which is a great value! It comes from a single garden farm in Bangladesh, and is certified USDA organic. It smells heavenly!

Nunes Farms Sweet Chipotle Almonds (1.5oz) - Value $0.75
Nunes Farms Maui Onion California Crunchies Almonds (1.5oz) - Value $0.75

I do not care for spicy foods myself, but my husband is a huge fan, and he LOVED the chipotle almonds! We also got the Maui Onion California Crunchies, which are seasoned almond halves. I ate those all by myself, and they were amazing ^_^ They make a great snack, and Nunes Farms offers many different flavors and varieties of almonds.

Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters - Value $2.19

These are yummy, crunchy, and all-natural snacks that are good all by themselves, or (as the card that accompanied the box suggested) in a salad! I'm sure they would be good in other ways too, and the package is the perfect size. Peeled Snacks also makes other flavors - I can't wait to try them!

Nibnaks Apple Cosmo - Value $2.19

A dried fruit combination of apples, cherries, and raisins. I love dried fruit, and these were so good! They had a great texture, and they were extremely flavorful. Nibnaks is also dedicated to supporting sustainable manufacturing practices and keeping their products organic. 

Thoughtful Foods Giddy Up & Go Granola, Notoriously Nutty and Seriously Seedy (1.5oz) - Value $2.50

I preferred the Notoriously Nutty variety over the Seriously Seedy, but they were both very tasty! They were the perfect size to cart along with us to go camping or to a softball game.
Thoughtful Foods was created by a mom who was battling food intolerance alongside her two children. The line is designed to help people eat and live healthier by making it easy. Love that!

Dang Coconut Chips (1.43oz) - Value $3.20

Named after the creator's mother (who was from Bangkok), these are simply toasted coconut "chips". I was a little wary of these at first, simply because I've had shredded coconut before and I know that I don't really care for the texture. But this stuff...WOW. It was so delicious that I was sad when the bag was gone! This was probably my favorite item in the box, and I will definitely be buying more of them. They were crunchy, sort of nutty, and not too sweet. SO GOOD!!

San Franola Granola (1.55oz) - Value $2.00

This granola was created by a dad who simply wanted a healthier option for his family when it came to snacks. You can choose to get this granola with or without raisins (mine was with raisins), and it only comes in one flavor. San Franola freshly roasts all their ingredients, which makes their granola low in sugar, high in protein and fiber, and all around delicious! It had a hint of honey flavor, and it was very crunchy. Yum!

GloryBee Foods HoneyStix (5) - Value $1.55

These are so yummy - a quick little pick-me-up that I can take anywhere. I packed a few in my lunch box for work, and I've saved a couple at home...but I had to try one right when I opened the box! It was so good - honey with a hint of watermelon flavor! GloryBee honey is all-natural, plus these sticks come in over 27 different flavors! They also have AgaveStix, which are a great low-sugar alternative to the HoneyStix.

Total value: $32.02

The box costs $29/month, so the value of this box exceeds the cost, which is awesome. Not to mention that I got to try a ton of different (and amazing!) brands that I never would have otherwise uncovered. I love this box, and I will definitely continue to subscribe!!

What did you guys think? Would you try a Taste Trunk? Which one would you choose?

Until next time..... <3

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bestowed Box - June 2013 Review (Giveaway & Coupon Code!)

***Again, I know it's July, but I have quite a few boxes from June left that I'm going to sprinkle in because I'm behind on my boxes!! I will always post in the title of the post which month it is from! Thanks!***

Bestowed box is a subscription box for all you health food nuts out there! A nutritionist by the name of Heather Bauer helps to chose items for this curated health food box every month. There is a letter included in each box that describes each item and why Heather chose it for the box.

I was very excited when Bestowed offered to send me a box to review - I'm always looking for new ways to eat healthier! Especially for snacks. I never met a cookie I didn't like, and I'm beginning to think that it shows!

Bestowed box is $19/month (including shipping), and it contains 5-8 items each month (sometimes it also includes non-food items, such as the antibacterial wipes in this month's box).

COUPON CODE: Use the code 5OFFBESTOWED01 to get $5 off your first month (or your first yearly subscription) of Bestowed!

Without further ado....Bestowed box for June!

So - here is the list of the items that were in June's box!

Herban Essentials Towelette Sampler Pack (6 wipes) - Value $6

I like the idea of a portable (and antibacterial) towelette that is all natural. I will pack these in the "just in case" area of my purse!

ZICO Coconut Water (14 fl oz) - Value $2.50

I tried this...and I'm not a huge fan. I'm sure it is an acquired taste, but I just can't see myself drinking coconut water by itself to quench my thirst! It might be good in a smoothie or a little tropical shake though. 

gimMe All Natural Roasted Seaweed Snacks in Cheddar Cheese (0.70 oz) - Value $2

My husband LOVES seaweed snacks, and he thought these were just awesome. I tried them too, but seaweed in general (at least for me) has an unpleasant aftertaste that I'm not fond of, so I let him have most of the bag! I think I would have liked it better on a salad (as the letter in the box suggests) rather than plain. 

Bakery on Main True Bar in Coconut Cashew - Value $2

This was easily my favorite item - it was SO GOOD!! I wanted another one immediately, and I've been thinking about it since I ate it. Who knew that cashew and coconut would be a good flavor combo!!

ROOTS by Deeply Rooted Superfood Powder Mix in Blueberry (2) - Value $4

I haven't tried this one yet, but I am interested to see ROOTS' spin on the health food shake. They claim that it was made by a guy who was tired of drinking yucky-tasting supplement blends, and so I think it will be better than I'm anticipating!

Artisana Raw Superfood Acai Berry Nut Butter (0.5 oz) - Value $1.50

I also have yet to try this one, but it is the perfect size for a single serving. I will have this on wheat toast one morning when I actually have time to sit down to breakfast!

Coupon for a free Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods item - Value up to $4

They do sell Dr. Praeger's items at Whole Foods, so if you have one near you (I, unfortunately, no longer do!), let me know if you would like this and I'll send it to you! I cannot use it, but it adds a nice value to the box, and their items are all natural, which is great!


I am very impressed with my first Bestowed box! I loved the coconut cashew bar, and the herbal wipes will certainly go to good use. The box was a great value, and it was all items that are good for me!

What did you think of the June box? Is there anything in it you would like to try for yourself?

Also - Bestowed was kind enough to also offer a SECOND box for me to give away to one of my readers! So....another GIVEAWAY!! Enter below, and the winner will be randomly selected on July 31st. The company will be shipping the box directly to the winner.

GOOD LUCK everyone!!

(This contest ends Wednesday, July 31st at midnight CST. This contest is open to U.S. residents ages 18+ only. One winner will be chosen at random at the conclusion of the entry period. The sponsor will be shipping the prize - all questions regarding shipping should be directed to Bestowed.) 

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Until next time.... <3 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bonjour Jolie - June 2013

*******Yes - I DO know it's July already (ALREADY!!), but I still have some reviews from June to post, because I didn't start this blog until mid-month! So I will be posting the remainder of my June reviews for this first week in July while I await all my goodies for this month : )

So, Bonjour Jolie is a box for...your period! It provides you with tons of supplies that are designed to make your "time of the month" more pleasant and convenient for you. That being said, this box is exclusively for women (or for men who seriously need to make up for something they did by buying their woman a totally useful and awesome and thoughtful gift!).

COST: $16/month + $5 for shipping ($21 total each month)

This is the first "period" box that I have ever received, and I was really blown away. The box itself was pretty small, but there was a lot in there, as you will see in the pictures!

The box itself is SUPER discreet - anyone who looked at it would never know what's inside!

Pretty pink paper, and a nice note on the lid that says, "Thank you for your business! We want you to know that you are appreciated!"

First Look into the box without the paper - so well organized!

Beauty Products - how cool is that totally reusable bag?? (AND different products come in every month's box!)

Seven adorable hair ties, and some really yummy Strawberry-scented lip balm that went on like a dream, wasn't too goopy, and kept my lips hydrated. And it's organic!
 Mission Skincare Amanda Beard's Organic Strawberry Lip Balmer - Value $2

Twistband Hair Ties - Value $14

Pamper Yourself Products bag (also a different variety of these products in each month's box)

I love the bath petals (they smell amazing), and Summer's Eve is a great line of products. The Advil packets are perfect "to go" size too!
Bath Roses - Value $2.50 (I am guessing here, because I couldn't find these anywhere!)

Summer's Eve Wipes - Value $1

Hempz Age Defying Body Lotion Sample - Value $0.08

Shampoo/Conditioner Samples - Value $1

Advil Packets - Value $1.25

Edible goodies bag

What girl doesn't want chocolate when she's on her period?! Perfect! And the teas are perfect for relaxing away all that stress : )

Touch Organic Tea Selection - Value $2.25

Dove Chocolates - Value $1.25

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops - Value $0.35

The only problem I had with this part of the box was that my chocolates were slightly squishy - they had been out in my mailbox in the sun for the better part of the day before I pulled them out. I put them in the fridge for a bit though, and they firmed up just fine. I'm just glad they didn't leak and ruin any of my other treats!

The teas...I think the idea is there, but I'm just not the biggest tea fan! I just cannot get used to the taste. I will certainly gift these to someone who will use them though.

The lollipops are delicious! I got the cherry and sour apple flavors, and the cherry was sweet and tart. Plus, these lollipops are organic, which makes them that much sweeter!! 

Such discreet packaging! I love this paper!

There were 10 pads inside - and exactly the kind I requested!
 Always Ultra Thin with Wings (10) - Value $1.50

LOVE this packaging!!

Playtex tampons (10) and Always pantyliners (10). I love that I got to choose the types and brands of products I wanted to receive when it came to "supplies" - I like what I like, and I'm glad I didn't have to sacrifice that in this box! I even got to choose how many of each item I wanted (up to 30). Totally customizable to your needs!
Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons Super (10) - Value $1.95

Always Incredibly Thin Pantyliners (10) - Value $0.50

Here is a nice blurb from the website about the types of feminine products they have available for their boxes:
"We strive to carry all commercially available brands sold in the USA. Including, Kotex, U by Kotex, StayFree, Always, Always infinity, Always Radiant Infinty, Tampax, Tampax Radiant, Tampax Cardboard, Tampax Pearl, Tampax Active, Tampax Essentials, Playtex GentleGlide, Playtex Sport, Ob, Softcup, and NatraCare."
So you're telling me that I don't have to sacrifice my favorite brand just for the convenience of home delivery? I love this part! Plus, you never have to send your boyfriend/fiance/husband to the store for feminine products EVER again!

Overall value:  $29.63

So it was worth more than the $21 price tag (which includes shipping), and there are SO many useful items in here! The only qualm I really had was that the chocolate was a little melted. It is June, so it was hot out, and perhaps some thought should have been put into the weather, but otherwise - a total hit!

What do you guys think about the Bonjour Jolie box? Would you order it?

Until next time.... <3