Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bonjour Jolie - June 2013

*******Yes - I DO know it's July already (ALREADY!!), but I still have some reviews from June to post, because I didn't start this blog until mid-month! So I will be posting the remainder of my June reviews for this first week in July while I await all my goodies for this month : )

So, Bonjour Jolie is a box for...your period! It provides you with tons of supplies that are designed to make your "time of the month" more pleasant and convenient for you. That being said, this box is exclusively for women (or for men who seriously need to make up for something they did by buying their woman a totally useful and awesome and thoughtful gift!).

COST: $16/month + $5 for shipping ($21 total each month)

This is the first "period" box that I have ever received, and I was really blown away. The box itself was pretty small, but there was a lot in there, as you will see in the pictures!

The box itself is SUPER discreet - anyone who looked at it would never know what's inside!

Pretty pink paper, and a nice note on the lid that says, "Thank you for your business! We want you to know that you are appreciated!"

First Look into the box without the paper - so well organized!

Beauty Products - how cool is that totally reusable bag?? (AND different products come in every month's box!)

Seven adorable hair ties, and some really yummy Strawberry-scented lip balm that went on like a dream, wasn't too goopy, and kept my lips hydrated. And it's organic!
 Mission Skincare Amanda Beard's Organic Strawberry Lip Balmer - Value $2

Twistband Hair Ties - Value $14

Pamper Yourself Products bag (also a different variety of these products in each month's box)

I love the bath petals (they smell amazing), and Summer's Eve is a great line of products. The Advil packets are perfect "to go" size too!
Bath Roses - Value $2.50 (I am guessing here, because I couldn't find these anywhere!)

Summer's Eve Wipes - Value $1

Hempz Age Defying Body Lotion Sample - Value $0.08

Shampoo/Conditioner Samples - Value $1

Advil Packets - Value $1.25

Edible goodies bag

What girl doesn't want chocolate when she's on her period?! Perfect! And the teas are perfect for relaxing away all that stress : )

Touch Organic Tea Selection - Value $2.25

Dove Chocolates - Value $1.25

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops - Value $0.35

The only problem I had with this part of the box was that my chocolates were slightly squishy - they had been out in my mailbox in the sun for the better part of the day before I pulled them out. I put them in the fridge for a bit though, and they firmed up just fine. I'm just glad they didn't leak and ruin any of my other treats!

The teas...I think the idea is there, but I'm just not the biggest tea fan! I just cannot get used to the taste. I will certainly gift these to someone who will use them though.

The lollipops are delicious! I got the cherry and sour apple flavors, and the cherry was sweet and tart. Plus, these lollipops are organic, which makes them that much sweeter!! 

Such discreet packaging! I love this paper!

There were 10 pads inside - and exactly the kind I requested!
 Always Ultra Thin with Wings (10) - Value $1.50

LOVE this packaging!!

Playtex tampons (10) and Always pantyliners (10). I love that I got to choose the types and brands of products I wanted to receive when it came to "supplies" - I like what I like, and I'm glad I didn't have to sacrifice that in this box! I even got to choose how many of each item I wanted (up to 30). Totally customizable to your needs!
Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons Super (10) - Value $1.95

Always Incredibly Thin Pantyliners (10) - Value $0.50

Here is a nice blurb from the website about the types of feminine products they have available for their boxes:
"We strive to carry all commercially available brands sold in the USA. Including, Kotex, U by Kotex, StayFree, Always, Always infinity, Always Radiant Infinty, Tampax, Tampax Radiant, Tampax Cardboard, Tampax Pearl, Tampax Active, Tampax Essentials, Playtex GentleGlide, Playtex Sport, Ob, Softcup, and NatraCare."
So you're telling me that I don't have to sacrifice my favorite brand just for the convenience of home delivery? I love this part! Plus, you never have to send your boyfriend/fiance/husband to the store for feminine products EVER again!

Overall value:  $29.63

So it was worth more than the $21 price tag (which includes shipping), and there are SO many useful items in here! The only qualm I really had was that the chocolate was a little melted. It is June, so it was hot out, and perhaps some thought should have been put into the weather, but otherwise - a total hit!

What do you guys think about the Bonjour Jolie box? Would you order it?

Until next time.... <3


  1. I've never felt like my period was a big enough deal to subscribe to a box for, haha. But I'm sure there are people who would definitely appreciate it. Honestly, I was the most intrigued by the tea... there has to be a tea box out there somewhere right?


    1. There is a box called Steepster that is entirely devoted to tea!! Here is a blurb from their site:

      "How it works

      Every month, we hand-select three teas according to a surprise theme, for a total of 2-3 ounces of tea each month (yields approximately 20-30 six-ounce cups). Once we've narrowed down the candidates and tasted the teas, we source the winners from a wide range of premium tea companies, box them up and ship them out around the 20th of each month."

      It's called the "Steepster Select Subscription", and it's $17/month. There is a waiting list right now, but they allow you to input your name and email so you can be notified if a spot opens up :)

      They are at: http://member.ly/steepster-select

  2. Where areyou finding the lip balm for two dollars? It is $4 @ cvs and $5 at Dicks Sporting goods. Also it is $4 on their website

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I actually found this on the Mission Skincare website for $1.99 - I am not including shipping costs, only retail values.

  3. I just got my box today, so you aren't the only one reviewing a little late. Love the box and the selection, it seems a bit different for everyone.