Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NEW SUBSCRIPTION BOX - Escape Monthly! ( Coupon Code and Giveaway - OVER )

Escape Monthly is a luxury subscription box that is inspired by different incredible travel destinations around the world. Each box is themed around a different destination, and each month you subscribe, you have the chance to WIN the theme getaway! How cool is that??

Look at all that STUFF!!!

This box is $49.99/month (shipping is included) - which sounds steep, but Escape Monthly promises to deliver full size luxury products, travel guides, secret tips, and special travel offers in each box. Plus, every month one member (selected randomly from among their active members) will win a trip for two to the travel destination the box is themed after, worth up to $2000! For the very first box ( set to ship in August ) the destination is Napa Valley, CA. How amazing would it be to win a trip for two to California - just by paying $49.99 for some awesome curated goodies? It makes me excited just typing about it!

Also, right now, Escape Monthly is offering a discount for life on their box. Just use the code YOURESCAPE to sign up for this box during its launch and get 20% off of your boxes forever. So you would get your box for $39.99/month for as long as you care to be a member.

I personally cannot wait for this box - I love travel, and I love the idea that these boxes are curated specifically after destinations. I'm already signed up!

Escape Monthly is so excited about their launch that they decided to allow me to give away one month of their subscription box! So you could try out Escape Monthly for FREE!! Yay! I love free! And this is my first giveaway - also cool!!

Just enter down below! Good luck!

(This contest ends Monday, July 15th at midnight EST. This contest is open to U.S. residents only. One winner will be chosen at random at the conclusion of the entry period.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until next time....  <3 - Monthly Replenishment Service!! is a site dedicated to underthings - shirts, panties, briefs...they do it all!

They have a monthly underwear "replenishment" program where, for $16/month, you can choose one pair of undies to be delivered to your house (they are normally $20/pair on average, so you are saving $4 - and it is seriously worth every penny!). You get to choose your color, style, and size preferences, and then they will send you an email once a month with hand-picked pairs of underpants - just for you! You choose one pair from your "drawer", and they are shipped right to your home. The packaging is discreet (and so classy!) so no one will know what you've ordered unless you tell them!

You can choose from women's or men's styles, and there are many patterns and cuts available. And guys...seriously...these underwear are the most comfortable things I've ever worn. I usually shop for my panties at Victoria's Secret, but I may just have to order an entire underwear wardrobe from MeUndies now!!

Here is what my items came in:

Isn't that packaging cool?? I really like it :o) Here is what was inside:

I received:

1 pair men's briefs (blue)
2 pairs men's dress socks (black/yellow polka dot & red/black polka dot)
1 pair women's briefs (green)
1 pair women's thong underwear (white)
1 women's undershirt (black)

The women's briefs fit wonderfully - they aren't too tight in the leg for me, which is a common problem I have with undergarments. They also didn't ride up, which is a HUGE plus! The thong is too high-waisted for me, although it was very comfortable material.

The men's briefs were just one size too small for my hubby, so he didn't get to wear them :o( He did tell me that they felt super soft, and that if they were the right size, they might just be his new favorites. Score! He did say that the socks were awesome, and that they were a perfect fit. He can't wait to have a reason to wear them ^_^

The women's undershirt was a little bit off for me - I like black, but the cut was odd. I don't typically go for the crew neck shirts. I like V-necks a little better and tend to wear them more often. It was also a tiny bit short for my taste, but I have a long waist. The shirt was very comfortable though, and it seems really durable. I am sure I will be able to find some way to wear it!


This brand seems like the real deal! The material is ultra-comfy, and the pieces are made very well. The undies come in really cool colors and patterns, so you won't get bored with your drawers :o) I will definitely order more from MeUndies!

It also states on their FAQ that if your underwear (or other items) do not fit once you get them, they will make sure they get you the right size! Nice customer service! They also have a "chat" feature on their website, so if you need some help NOW, they will chat with you over the internet. Immediate gratification!

What do you guys think? Would you mail-order underwear from MeUndies?

Until next time.... <3

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Julep Maven Box & Coupon Code for a FREE Box! ( June 2013 )

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service for those of you that believe there is no such thing as "too much" nail polish! Julep makes custom nail polish colors as well as full-size beauty products. The monthly subscription allows you to choose from five different beauty profiles each month, so you can choose the polish colors that fit you best!

Each of the different profiles comes with a different set of products:

"It" Girl = 3 different nail polishes
Modern Beauty = 2 full-size beauty products (NO polishes are included)
Boho Glam/Classic with a Twist/Bombshell = 2 nail polishes and 1 full-size beauty product

I happen to be a "Classic with a Twist" girl, according to their website's quiz. I got their INTRO BOX this month (NOT the normal monthly mailing!).

This box is $19.99/month, shipping included. Julep will also send you an email on the 20th of the month so you can choose which box you'd like (you can opt out of any month, if you don't like any of the colors, or send your box to a girlfriend for no extra charge). You only have from the 20th to the 24th of each month to decide - if you don't reply, they will just send you that month's box based on your style quiz. Good news: EVERY box has a value of at least $40 (I think I say $70 in the video, which is wrong - sorry!), and sometimes they even throw in special extras for you!

You can also earn points (called "Jules") with every box purchase you make, which can be redeemed for free products, and even free boxes! As a Maven, you are entitled to a 20% discount in their online store, as well as free shipping. Pretty sweet perks program!

Click HERE and use the code FREEBOX at checkout to get your intro box for FREE!!!

Enjoy the unboxing!

These colors (minus my mystery polish, Camille) do not necessarily come in every Classic with a Twist introductory box - you may get different colors than I did. You can choose a different box than your quiz indicated when you sign up as well, if you like other colors better, and Julep will use that as your "go to" profile.

I really love the glycolic hand scrub I got - I used it the other day, and my hands felt SO soft! It was great paired with my favorite lotion afterward. I think I will stick to using it once a week because the tube is kind of small.

I also tried out Camille and Zora the other day (as well as one of the polishes from my mystery box, which I will do a video for very soon!), and this was the result:

Zora is my accent color (on my ring finger, second from the left) and then I put Camille over the top to give it a little sparkle! I used a really nice creamy peach color called Clara on my other fingers. Such a beautiful summer color! Zora came out a LOT closer to white than I thought it would be (it's actually a very pale frosted pink), but I love it!

All their colors are super opaque, which is great for me. The less coats I have to do, the less chance I have of messing up!!

Overall, I loved the Julep Maven box! I'm hooked! I already got my email for my July box, and I think I might upgrade because I love all the colors so much! (Upgrading means you pay an extra $35 and get ALL the polishes and beauty products for the month!)

What do you think of Julep Maven? Let me know!!

Until next time...   <3

Friday, June 21, 2013

Spoiled Rotten Pet Box - June 2013

Spoiled Rotten Pet is a monthly subscription for all you pet parents out there! The boxes are designed for either dogs or cats, and the boxes contain 5-8 full sized items for your pet every month! Some are edible treats, some are toys - but each box always contains a different brand of canned food for your pet.

Here is the unboxing:

Here is the breakdown of the items in the box this month:
  • Booda Soft Bite Mice 12 pack - Value $6.99
    • These cute little mice are infused with catnip, and my cats LOOOVE catnip! These are going to be a big hit when I hide them inside of a paper bag...their other favorite thing :)
  • Multipet Crinkle Cake Toy - Value $8.96
    • This is a cute toy, but I'm a little confused by it. The website says that the sound is supposed to mimic the sound of birds and mice! My cats had no interest in it whatsoever - I haven't tried it with my trusty catnip spray on it yet, so we'll see if that works!
  • Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Treats in Seafood Sensation - Value $4.49
    • These treats are the Seafood Sensation flavor, and they are a moist treat. My cats enjoy treats okay, but they are VERY picky. They did not care for these treats, so I will be giving these to my friend's cats :)
  • CloudStar Grain Free Buddy Biscuits Treats in Tender Chicken - Value $3.35
    • So these are officially the new favorite treat in our house! Our cats went CrAzY for these gluten-free snacks! I fed them a few, and they started chirping for more. They are a hit!
  • SuperCat Catnip Markers 2 pack - Value $5.99
    • These are the coolest thing! I never knew they even existed (which is one of the coolest parts of the box subscription services - introducing you to new STUFF!) and I love them. I hate loose catnip because of the mess it makes, and this eliminates that! Super win.
  • Booda Double Treat Ball - Value $5.74
    • This treat ball was a little much for my cats to figure! They weren't sure what to do with it. The nice thing is that it did include the catnip that you would put inside the ball to entice the cats to play with it. Adds to the value for me!

So the value is a little bit under what Petflow says that each box is worth, but just barely. It is a good value for the $24.99, and there was a really good variety of items in the box - all of which my cats can use.

Overall, I really liked this box! What did you think?

Thanks for watching guys...remember to subscribe to this blog if you want to keep up with all of our boxes!!

Until next time... <3

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dottiebox June 2013 - Handmade Subscription Box (First Video Blog!!)

Dottiebox is a subscription company that is all about standing up for the little guy - it supports many small businesses by including their products in it's boxes and getting their names out there. The items inside each box are handcrafted, and there are only 100 Dottieboxes made each month!

I have finally gotten my voice back, so I decided that Dottiebox would be the first subscription box on My Other Monthly to get a video unboxing! It's a little long, but I promise I'll get better at this :)

I loved Dottiebox - I thought the contents were beautiful, and super unique! I love those earrings :) I wore them to work today, and got a couple of nice compliments!

Here is the low-down (is that hyphenated? I have no idea) on this subscription box:

Company: Dottiebox
Type of Products: Handmade
Cost per month: $26.00 (includes shipping)
Ships to: US only

Products in this box:

Bright Pop - Chain Link Bracelet (Value = $5.00)
Handmaden Soap Co. - Goat's Milk Lotion Sample (Value = approx. $2.00)
Honeyrun Farm - Summer Honey (Value = $6.00)
Willow Tree Minerals - Cranberry Passion Blush (Value = $11.00)
Ebe and Ash - Mini Tree of Life Earrings (Value = $7.00)
Woven Joy - Handmade Friendship Bracelet (Value = $3.50)
Jen Ramey designs - Wine Charm Pair (Value = $3.00)
Running Blynd - Clothespin Magnet (Value = $1.19)

Total Value = $38.69
I tried out the lotion today too, and it works amazingly! I have super dry skin, and some lotions (especially ones with fragrance) seem to make it even worse. This lotion went on very smoothly, and absorbed very quickly - lotions that are greasy and leave your hands all oily are a no-go. So this one works wonderfully!

Overall, I really like Dottiebox a lot. There are no coupon codes that I could find for it (like I said in the video, they are a starter company right now and still very small) but they are worth every penny! Go tell them you want next month's box!

COMMENT SUGGESTION OF THE DAY: What was the one item in the box this month that you found most intriguing? Let me know below!

ALSO: please give me some feedback on the blog! Is there info missing that you guys would like to know? Shout it out!

Until next time...<3

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Review! (June 2013)

Okay you guys....LOOK WHAT FINALLY CAME!!!

I am SO excited!! It came via FedEx, and it seems like it took forever to get here, but I have really been looking forward to it!!! That's probably why it felt like a lifetime :) I just can't wait to dig into June's box!

For this box, I am going to have to describe the box in pictures and with text because (unfortunately) I have laryngitis right now, and I won't be able to talk in for a video! :( So I will give you a look into POPSUGAR Must Have box on this post instead!! Hopefully I will sound more normal by the next box, and I'll film that one for you guys!


POPSUGAR is a company that deals with the most trendy of everything - fashion, beauty, entertainment, fitness - you name the cookie jar, their hand is probably in it. They offer this POPSUGAR Must Have box monthly, and their editors choose the trendiest "must have" items to put into it. The cost is $35/month (includes shipping), and you can choose to do 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscriptions as well as the month-to-month.

So this is what it looked like when I first opened it up:

It is so cute! I love that a lot of the subscription boxes (including POPSUGAR) will have a card on top telling you what's in the box for the month and why the editors love it!

This is the first look I got once I broke open that cute pink tissue paper:

The items are packaged nicely, and nothing was squished (score!). And I think I like the little pink dot on top of the box telling me to "Enjoy!" Thanks! I'm sure I will!

This was the first item I pulled out:

Special Extra
Popcorn Indiana - Fit Popcorn (Sea Salt) - 2.1oz bag
Retail: about $1.75

POPSUGAR adds a surprise "special extra" to their box every month, and this month it's popcorn! Surprisingly, the bag was pretty full. I was expecting to only get half a bag of actual popcorn, and then have half a bag of air. But it was actually closer to 3/4 full! Nice work! I tried some of it, and it seemed slightly stale to me, but the flavor was good. Not too salty, and not greasy at all. There are only 37 calories per cup, so that's pretty healthy snack food! They also have four other flavors on their website - the Parmesan sounds amazing.

Next was this (and I was SUPER pumped about this one!!):

Must Have Fashion
Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf
Retail: $62!!

This scarf is SO pretty - it's really thin, which I think is the reason they decided it was okay to throw it into a summer-y box. Also, it's supposed to have a "nautical" color scheme (navy blue and white stripes, with a super cute block of neon coral along each side of the length), which totally says "summer" to me. All about the neon! It is also super soft, and if you didn't want to wear it as a scarf, it could also make a great swimsuit cover-up (that's how big it is). LOVE IT!!

Along with the scarf, Gorjana & Griffin also threw in a $25 gift code to use on their website.
I wasn't super overly thrilled about this after I did a little research, mostly because the only real limitation on the code is that you can't use it on sale items, and everything on their website seems to be at least $40. Their jewelry was the least expensive (because it is tiny!) and I found a pair of earrings I may purchase. This was kind of a bummer for me though - they have some super cute necklaces on sale, and I wish I could use it on one!

Okay, next:

Must Have Entertainment
Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns - Lauren Weisberger
Retail: $25.99

I was kind of on the fence about this. I love to read, and this is a really nice edition - hardcover and everything! But it it's the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada, and I have never read the first book! I will probably gift this to my sister (because she is also a crazy bookworm).

This next item was also really exciting to me:

Must Have Beauty
Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer - 1.7 fl oz (full size!)
Juice Beauty CC Cream Samples (2) - 0.17 fl oz each
Full size retail: $65
Sample value: about $3.90 each (full sized product is $39)

This stuff is really expensive!! I don't know that I would have tried this on my own, so thank goodness for POPSUGAR :) This bottle is full-size, which is awesome, and it is supposed to be anti-aging. It's never too early to start! I am starting to get fine lines around my eyes, so I'm interested to see how this will work in the long run. I tried some, and it goes on pretty thick, but my skin is really dry so I need a thick moisturizer. It smells kind of like citrus. It's a nice moisturizer, and I will totally use it!

The CC creams came in two shades, Natural Glow and Warm Glow. This is actually nice, because I tan easily, and usually need a slightly darker shade of foundation in the summer. The Natural Glow is great right now, but in a month or two I'll probably need the Warm Glow! I tried these too, and they have a pretty strong odor. It's got SPF 30, and has a strong sunscreen smell, as well as a strong citrus scent. The coverage is light/medium, and overall I probably won't get the full-size, but I'll definitely use up the samples.

Next was something that I was not necessarily expecting in a box:

Must Have Fitness
Hard Candy Addicted to Sweat Workout DVD
Retail: $19.95

This workout looks intense. I am not going to lie, I've purchased workout DVDs before with every intention of doing them regularly and really getting into it...but I find that I really never use them!! Bad, bad me! I will certainly try this one out, if for no other reason than to review it and let you know what it is like. There is an entire series of these DVDs, and they are sponsored by Madonna and made by her personal trainer. This workout requires a "sturdy chair", so I am a little nervous because I'm out of shape and don't want to hurt myself (I'm super clumsy!), but I'm interested to try it out!

The last item in the box was kind of a win-win:

Must Have Food
Project 7 Quench the Thirsty Wintergreen Mints - 0.25 oz (full size)
Retail: $1.79

These are so cool - not only are there 50 mints in this little tube, but for every 12 tubes that get sold, one person in need gets clean water for one year! How cool is that?? Project 7 has seven different causes that they champion, and this is only one. The mints are super tiny, but very good. They didn't freshen my breath a whole lot, but they are not super intense (which I hate in a mint), and they are good for the world! Who can argue with that? You can also buy these at most Target and WalMart stores, which makes them super accessible.

So that's my June box! I was honestly impressed. This is my first box from them, and it may just prompt me to order July's box. It's a very well-rounded box (even though I may not get a ton of use out of some of the items), and there are some really high-value items in it!

Here is all the loot:

The total value of the box contents was: $209.28 (if you count the Gorjana & Griffin code)

For only $35 ($30, if you use the code below!), to get that much in a box is a super awesome value!! The scarf totally sealed the deal for me :) They vary the boxes each month based on the season and the trends, and I cannot wait to see what next month brings! I love this box!

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can use coupon code REFER5 to get $5 off your first box!

Do any of you already get POPSUGAR Must Have? Did you love your box? Was there anything in this month's box that makes you want to sign up for your own POPSUGAR subscription? Comment and let me know!! Thanks guys!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Spicy Subscriptions - with Coupon Code!

***ATTENTION: This post does contain photos of some adult products - very PG-13 though :)

So for all you ladies and mans out there that like to change it up in the sexy department every now and again, you'll want to check out this post. Closely. And when you're done, you'll want to get this for yourself or for the person you get spicy with!

Spicy Subscriptions is a company that specializes in adult "romance, intimacy, and beauty products". They have two different monthly subscription boxes that allow you to get down and dirty without spending a fortune: the Premium Spicy Box, and the DELUXE Spicy Box (for the serious bedroom connoisseur!). I have not gotten this box myself, but I am seriously eyeballing it - it would make a great anniversary gift for the hubby and I :)

The Premium Box is guaranteed to contain: 1 Flirty item, 1-2 full-sized products, and 2-4 trial-sized sample products each month. The cost is $24.95/month (shipping included), and if you sign up for their 4-month or 8-month subscriptions, you get the first box FREE! Pretty sweet.

                                                        Premium Box

The Deluxe Box is guaranteed to contain: 1 Deluxe item (OoOoO!), 1-2 full-sized products, 1 Deluxe Accessory, and 2-4 trial-sized sample products. The cost for this box is $34.95/month (including shipping), and the same deal applies for the 4-month and 8-month subscriptions (free first box, PLUS with this one you get an additional deluxe product! YAY!).

                                                    DELUXE BOX!!

Sooooooo...I also got this coupon code from the nice people at Spicy Subscriptions that will get you 5% off of your first order - as if you needed another reason to order one ;)

Click HERE, and just enter the code "myothermonthly" in the Promo Code section of the check-out for either box, then...VOILA! You have gotten a great deal on some fun, spicy, sexy stuff!

ALSO: My very first box unveiling will hopefully be up later this week!!! EEEE...I can't wait!!

(Thank you to Seeshoplove and Glamorable blogs for the photos of the different boxes!!)

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Debriefing on the "M.S.C."

So I had this idea the other day (just bear with me here) after coming across what seemed like the 25th or 26th site for what I like to call an "M.S.C." (Monthly Subscription Company) that, for a nominal fee, will send you a box full of delightful surprises every month - kind of like Christmas, only every month of the year (and just the thought of Christmas all year makes me giddy - I know I'm not alone on that one!).

Choosing an M.S.C. to call your very own can be a very overwhelming process; there are boxes for EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean healthy snacks, gourmet food items, weight loss supplements, children's toys, books, socks, stationary, trendy clothes, crafts, survival gear...literally everything you could think of (and some that you could never imagine!!!).

So the idea is this: see how many subscriptions I can get going, and describe them here on this blog every month, both in writing and through video "unboxing" of the contents. I will be reviewing each box as it comes in: how much it costs, what types of items they send you, the value of the items that are sent, the contact information for the company, and anything else that seems pertinent (suggestions are always appreciated). The benefit to you, the consumer, is that you will really understand which box (or boxes!) are right for you.

Do you want to try out new health foods? There are at least four companies that will send you snacks to try. But do you really want to spend the money to try them ALL? That's where I come in! I will objectively evaluate these boxes, and help you decide. You want the best value for your dollar, and who doesn't?!?

Besides opening the boxes and telling you which items are being sent by which companies, I will also be evaluating each of the products inside the boxes. I will be writing reviews, so that if you feel like you just want to try a product for yourself instead of getting the full box of samples (most of the bigger subscription companies have that option on their site) you can use this blog to help you determine which products are for you.

I am currently getting in touch with every single box subscription company I can get information about in order to get the ball rolling on this. It will be a fun process for everyone involved, and it will be exciting to help you guys decide on which surprises you want to be in on! Everyone loves getting presents, and this is the modern way to treat yourself (or someone else - Father's Day gifts, anyone???).

Stay tuned, Blogger world! This thing is gonna be big :)