Friday, June 21, 2013

Spoiled Rotten Pet Box - June 2013

Spoiled Rotten Pet is a monthly subscription for all you pet parents out there! The boxes are designed for either dogs or cats, and the boxes contain 5-8 full sized items for your pet every month! Some are edible treats, some are toys - but each box always contains a different brand of canned food for your pet.

Here is the unboxing:

Here is the breakdown of the items in the box this month:
  • Booda Soft Bite Mice 12 pack - Value $6.99
    • These cute little mice are infused with catnip, and my cats LOOOVE catnip! These are going to be a big hit when I hide them inside of a paper bag...their other favorite thing :)
  • Multipet Crinkle Cake Toy - Value $8.96
    • This is a cute toy, but I'm a little confused by it. The website says that the sound is supposed to mimic the sound of birds and mice! My cats had no interest in it whatsoever - I haven't tried it with my trusty catnip spray on it yet, so we'll see if that works!
  • Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Treats in Seafood Sensation - Value $4.49
    • These treats are the Seafood Sensation flavor, and they are a moist treat. My cats enjoy treats okay, but they are VERY picky. They did not care for these treats, so I will be giving these to my friend's cats :)
  • CloudStar Grain Free Buddy Biscuits Treats in Tender Chicken - Value $3.35
    • So these are officially the new favorite treat in our house! Our cats went CrAzY for these gluten-free snacks! I fed them a few, and they started chirping for more. They are a hit!
  • SuperCat Catnip Markers 2 pack - Value $5.99
    • These are the coolest thing! I never knew they even existed (which is one of the coolest parts of the box subscription services - introducing you to new STUFF!) and I love them. I hate loose catnip because of the mess it makes, and this eliminates that! Super win.
  • Booda Double Treat Ball - Value $5.74
    • This treat ball was a little much for my cats to figure! They weren't sure what to do with it. The nice thing is that it did include the catnip that you would put inside the ball to entice the cats to play with it. Adds to the value for me!

So the value is a little bit under what Petflow says that each box is worth, but just barely. It is a good value for the $24.99, and there was a really good variety of items in the box - all of which my cats can use.

Overall, I really liked this box! What did you think?

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Until next time... <3

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