Monday, June 10, 2013

Spicy Subscriptions - with Coupon Code!

***ATTENTION: This post does contain photos of some adult products - very PG-13 though :)

So for all you ladies and mans out there that like to change it up in the sexy department every now and again, you'll want to check out this post. Closely. And when you're done, you'll want to get this for yourself or for the person you get spicy with!

Spicy Subscriptions is a company that specializes in adult "romance, intimacy, and beauty products". They have two different monthly subscription boxes that allow you to get down and dirty without spending a fortune: the Premium Spicy Box, and the DELUXE Spicy Box (for the serious bedroom connoisseur!). I have not gotten this box myself, but I am seriously eyeballing it - it would make a great anniversary gift for the hubby and I :)

The Premium Box is guaranteed to contain: 1 Flirty item, 1-2 full-sized products, and 2-4 trial-sized sample products each month. The cost is $24.95/month (shipping included), and if you sign up for their 4-month or 8-month subscriptions, you get the first box FREE! Pretty sweet.

                                                        Premium Box

The Deluxe Box is guaranteed to contain: 1 Deluxe item (OoOoO!), 1-2 full-sized products, 1 Deluxe Accessory, and 2-4 trial-sized sample products. The cost for this box is $34.95/month (including shipping), and the same deal applies for the 4-month and 8-month subscriptions (free first box, PLUS with this one you get an additional deluxe product! YAY!).

                                                    DELUXE BOX!!

Sooooooo...I also got this coupon code from the nice people at Spicy Subscriptions that will get you 5% off of your first order - as if you needed another reason to order one ;)

Click HERE, and just enter the code "myothermonthly" in the Promo Code section of the check-out for either box, then...VOILA! You have gotten a great deal on some fun, spicy, sexy stuff!

ALSO: My very first box unveiling will hopefully be up later this week!!! EEEE...I can't wait!!

(Thank you to Seeshoplove and Glamorable blogs for the photos of the different boxes!!)

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