Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dottiebox June 2013 - Handmade Subscription Box (First Video Blog!!)

Dottiebox is a subscription company that is all about standing up for the little guy - it supports many small businesses by including their products in it's boxes and getting their names out there. The items inside each box are handcrafted, and there are only 100 Dottieboxes made each month!

I have finally gotten my voice back, so I decided that Dottiebox would be the first subscription box on My Other Monthly to get a video unboxing! It's a little long, but I promise I'll get better at this :)

I loved Dottiebox - I thought the contents were beautiful, and super unique! I love those earrings :) I wore them to work today, and got a couple of nice compliments!

Here is the low-down (is that hyphenated? I have no idea) on this subscription box:

Company: Dottiebox
Type of Products: Handmade
Cost per month: $26.00 (includes shipping)
Ships to: US only

Products in this box:

Bright Pop - Chain Link Bracelet (Value = $5.00)
Handmaden Soap Co. - Goat's Milk Lotion Sample (Value = approx. $2.00)
Honeyrun Farm - Summer Honey (Value = $6.00)
Willow Tree Minerals - Cranberry Passion Blush (Value = $11.00)
Ebe and Ash - Mini Tree of Life Earrings (Value = $7.00)
Woven Joy - Handmade Friendship Bracelet (Value = $3.50)
Jen Ramey designs - Wine Charm Pair (Value = $3.00)
Running Blynd - Clothespin Magnet (Value = $1.19)

Total Value = $38.69
I tried out the lotion today too, and it works amazingly! I have super dry skin, and some lotions (especially ones with fragrance) seem to make it even worse. This lotion went on very smoothly, and absorbed very quickly - lotions that are greasy and leave your hands all oily are a no-go. So this one works wonderfully!

Overall, I really like Dottiebox a lot. There are no coupon codes that I could find for it (like I said in the video, they are a starter company right now and still very small) but they are worth every penny! Go tell them you want next month's box!

COMMENT SUGGESTION OF THE DAY: What was the one item in the box this month that you found most intriguing? Let me know below!

ALSO: please give me some feedback on the blog! Is there info missing that you guys would like to know? Shout it out!

Until next time...<3

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