Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - Monthly Replenishment Service!! is a site dedicated to underthings - shirts, panties, briefs...they do it all!

They have a monthly underwear "replenishment" program where, for $16/month, you can choose one pair of undies to be delivered to your house (they are normally $20/pair on average, so you are saving $4 - and it is seriously worth every penny!). You get to choose your color, style, and size preferences, and then they will send you an email once a month with hand-picked pairs of underpants - just for you! You choose one pair from your "drawer", and they are shipped right to your home. The packaging is discreet (and so classy!) so no one will know what you've ordered unless you tell them!

You can choose from women's or men's styles, and there are many patterns and cuts available. And guys...seriously...these underwear are the most comfortable things I've ever worn. I usually shop for my panties at Victoria's Secret, but I may just have to order an entire underwear wardrobe from MeUndies now!!

Here is what my items came in:

Isn't that packaging cool?? I really like it :o) Here is what was inside:

I received:

1 pair men's briefs (blue)
2 pairs men's dress socks (black/yellow polka dot & red/black polka dot)
1 pair women's briefs (green)
1 pair women's thong underwear (white)
1 women's undershirt (black)

The women's briefs fit wonderfully - they aren't too tight in the leg for me, which is a common problem I have with undergarments. They also didn't ride up, which is a HUGE plus! The thong is too high-waisted for me, although it was very comfortable material.

The men's briefs were just one size too small for my hubby, so he didn't get to wear them :o( He did tell me that they felt super soft, and that if they were the right size, they might just be his new favorites. Score! He did say that the socks were awesome, and that they were a perfect fit. He can't wait to have a reason to wear them ^_^

The women's undershirt was a little bit off for me - I like black, but the cut was odd. I don't typically go for the crew neck shirts. I like V-necks a little better and tend to wear them more often. It was also a tiny bit short for my taste, but I have a long waist. The shirt was very comfortable though, and it seems really durable. I am sure I will be able to find some way to wear it!


This brand seems like the real deal! The material is ultra-comfy, and the pieces are made very well. The undies come in really cool colors and patterns, so you won't get bored with your drawers :o) I will definitely order more from MeUndies!

It also states on their FAQ that if your underwear (or other items) do not fit once you get them, they will make sure they get you the right size! Nice customer service! They also have a "chat" feature on their website, so if you need some help NOW, they will chat with you over the internet. Immediate gratification!

What do you guys think? Would you mail-order underwear from MeUndies?

Until next time.... <3

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