Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Julep Maven Box & Coupon Code for a FREE Box! ( June 2013 )

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service for those of you that believe there is no such thing as "too much" nail polish! Julep makes custom nail polish colors as well as full-size beauty products. The monthly subscription allows you to choose from five different beauty profiles each month, so you can choose the polish colors that fit you best!

Each of the different profiles comes with a different set of products:

"It" Girl = 3 different nail polishes
Modern Beauty = 2 full-size beauty products (NO polishes are included)
Boho Glam/Classic with a Twist/Bombshell = 2 nail polishes and 1 full-size beauty product

I happen to be a "Classic with a Twist" girl, according to their website's quiz. I got their INTRO BOX this month (NOT the normal monthly mailing!).

This box is $19.99/month, shipping included. Julep will also send you an email on the 20th of the month so you can choose which box you'd like (you can opt out of any month, if you don't like any of the colors, or send your box to a girlfriend for no extra charge). You only have from the 20th to the 24th of each month to decide - if you don't reply, they will just send you that month's box based on your style quiz. Good news: EVERY box has a value of at least $40 (I think I say $70 in the video, which is wrong - sorry!), and sometimes they even throw in special extras for you!

You can also earn points (called "Jules") with every box purchase you make, which can be redeemed for free products, and even free boxes! As a Maven, you are entitled to a 20% discount in their online store, as well as free shipping. Pretty sweet perks program!

Click HERE and use the code FREEBOX at checkout to get your intro box for FREE!!!

Enjoy the unboxing!

These colors (minus my mystery polish, Camille) do not necessarily come in every Classic with a Twist introductory box - you may get different colors than I did. You can choose a different box than your quiz indicated when you sign up as well, if you like other colors better, and Julep will use that as your "go to" profile.

I really love the glycolic hand scrub I got - I used it the other day, and my hands felt SO soft! It was great paired with my favorite lotion afterward. I think I will stick to using it once a week because the tube is kind of small.

I also tried out Camille and Zora the other day (as well as one of the polishes from my mystery box, which I will do a video for very soon!), and this was the result:

Zora is my accent color (on my ring finger, second from the left) and then I put Camille over the top to give it a little sparkle! I used a really nice creamy peach color called Clara on my other fingers. Such a beautiful summer color! Zora came out a LOT closer to white than I thought it would be (it's actually a very pale frosted pink), but I love it!

All their colors are super opaque, which is great for me. The less coats I have to do, the less chance I have of messing up!!

Overall, I loved the Julep Maven box! I'm hooked! I already got my email for my July box, and I think I might upgrade because I love all the colors so much! (Upgrading means you pay an extra $35 and get ALL the polishes and beauty products for the month!)

What do you think of Julep Maven? Let me know!!

Until next time...   <3

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  1. Awesome! The free box code got me hooked and I ended up buying an add-on as well, haha.