Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sent Her Way - July 2013 (**GIVEAWAY**)

Sent Her Way is a subscription box company that allows women to get exactly the kind of supplies they need for their visit from "Aunt Flo" without going to the store every month. This service is super convenient, because no one wants to end up in Walgreen's at 11:30pm on a Sunday night asking the only employee working (who always seems to be a man) where the feminine care aisle is located!

Sent Her Way allows you to choose either a box of 20 or 40 tampons (they have Tampax pearl or cardboard, O.B., Playtex scented or unscented, and Kotex) and will discreetly send them to your home. You choose the size combination as well as the brand you like. Sent Her Way generously offered to send me a box for review, as well as a box to give away to one of my readers!

Sent Her Way boxes range (based on the type of tampon you want) from $6.97 to $8.63/month for a customized 20 count box (with free shipping). If you would like a 40 count box, you add between $7.04 and $7.75 to the 20 count box price. Again, it depends on the type of tampons you would like. Shipping for the 40 count box is still free!

The packaging is very neat, and no one will know what you've ordered just by looking at the box:

There is a box inside of the cardboard shipping box, which looks like this:

They also mark on the interior box which tampons have been included ^^^^

This is everything they included in my sample box (which is an assortment of Tampax cardboard sizes).

Overall: I like the idea of not having to run to the store to get supplies, and you get the option with Sent Her Way to have tampons shipped every 30, 60, or 90 days - so you never have more than you need. You can always change your order frequency as well. This subscription is all about convenience, and it totally delivers!

The folks at Sent Her Way have also decided to give away one custom box of 20 tampons to one of my readers! They will send you any type you like - you just have to enter to win! Good luck!

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  1. I love these sort of boxes! I tend to go more towards the one's that add some sort of goody, but this one is the cheapest I've seen! XO

  2. I like the idea of this. I always seem to be buying Tampons and ice cream or chocolate at the same time, and I always get a dude at checkout and we share a look. Now I can have my period in peace haha.

  3. I like the ability to customize it. Thats definitely something that is an advantage over all the store bought boxes.

  4. that you can choose which brand you want

  5. I like that you can mix and match brands and types of tampons!

  6. I like that you can choose from different brands.

  7. That you can choose the brand you want and it is discreetly delivered to your home.

  8. I like you can choose the quantity you want sent.

  9. I love the customization. I know exactly what abosorbency I need on what day of my cycle so this is great!

    Eileen Burke

  10. I like that you can customized it not only by absorbancy, but also by brand.

    jennylovesjeff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  11. I like that I can choose the brand and send them in a discreet box.